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Monitored Security System
 - A monitored security system is the most vital part of any home security system.  Our five diamond certified monitoring center watches over your home all day everyday of the year dispatching police to alarm signals received all over the St. Louis area.

Monitored Fire Alarm SystemA monitored fire alarm system is one of the most highly recommended services we offer.  Our five diamond certified monitoring center watches over your home all day everyday of the year dispatching the fire department all over the St. Louis area.

Energy ManagementWe recommend energy management to all of our residential customers interested in saving their hard earned money or those who are environmentally conscience and prefer to go green.

Lighting ControlWe recommend lighting control to our residential customers to create a full smart home solution.  Never walk in to a dark house again.  Gone for vacation? No problem.  Turn your lights off and on with a schedule to give the illusion that someone is home protecting the home.

Interactive Door LocksWe recommend interactive z-wave door locks to our customers so they never have to give out spare keys again. Cleaning services need to have access to the home but you do not want to give them a key? We have you covered.  Simply give them a code that only works during specific hours to unlock your door.

Camera SystemsWe recommend camera systems to our residential customers who are looking to add an even greater layer of security.  The cameras can be viewed remotely to watch the kids as they come home from school or to protect inside or outside assets from theft.

Pet Protection - We recommend our newly instituted Pet Protection system. We are  the only company in St. Louis to offer this service and we are proud to have it.  If you give our Emergency Response Center the names and likely location of your pets we alert the authorities in case of emergency to go find them when they get on site.  Knowing where to look helps a great deal when precious seconds count.

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