Business Alarm Monitoring


Business Alarm Monitoring

Business Alarm Monitoring Systems are one of the most important services ABF offers. Whether it be security system monitoring or fire alarm monitoring ABF Security provides the highest level of protection with our CSAA Five Diamond Central Station.  ABF is one of the only companies in St. Louis to be a fully certified UL Monitoring Center.


Business Alarm Monitoring FAQ's

Q -Can I lease a security system or do I have to purchase it outright?

A -We are flexible and allow you to lease your security system or purchase it outright.

Q - How does a commercial security system differ from my home alarm system?

A - Besides the increased capacity (we can monitor hundreds of points on a single system), a commercial security system can provide multiple partitions (allowing some areas of your facility to be armed while others are not), can be set up to provide you notification if the alarm is not set or turned off according to your business schedule. Plus, we can monitor more than just security points- we can provide temperature monitoring for your critical areas such as server rooms and refrigerated rooms.


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