Business Surveillance Cameras


Business Surveillance Cameras

When used in combination with Security Systems or Access Control systems, video surveillance is an extremely effective way to maintain facility safety. Cameras can record activity in entryways and hallways to deter intruders and to keep employees safe on company premises. Activity can be continuously recorded to spot "slip and fall" fraud, theft in delivery and cash register areas.  Surveillance systems can even be programmed to direct a camera in a different direction, based on detection of motion.


Surveillance Cameras FAQ's

Q - What is the advantage of having a CCTV system?

A - A CCTV camera system is one of the most popular security systems for commercial facilities, and their capabilities go far beyond security alone. Their versatility makes them a perfect tool to combat not only theft and vandalism but other workplace issues such as safety, productivity, and human resource issues.

Q - What types of cameras are available?

A - No technology in the security industry is evolving faster than CCTV. Choices range from small analog camera systems, to internet connected systems, to super high resolution ‘megapixel’ IP cameras. The options are seemingly limitless and can be confusing. Talk with one of our commercial account representatives today about your security needs and the benefits of each of these technologies.

Q - Should I choose analog or IP cameras?

A - The choice depends on what the objectives of your overall security plan are. If your primary objective is to deter criminals and document a possible break-in or other criminal activity, a quality analog system may be all you need. If you are trying to detect sources of inventory shrinkage, document slip and fall incidents or other workplace accidents, or need to maintain several months of recorded footage, an IP camera system may be your best solution. Discuss your specific security concerns with our staff, and we can help you choose the system that is right for you.

Q - Can I view my cameras from the internet?

A - Yes! ABF has systems that provide you with the ability to view your cameras from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world. Our systems can send video clips from your cameras to a remote storage facility, so that motion events are stored and can be retrieved from a web browser on any computer.

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