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Energy Management

Energy Management is a term that everyone seems to be using these days.  In the alarm world, we can create a Smart Home Environment that makes your thermostat work smarter and not harder; thus saving you money.  For example, imagine leaving for vacation, you get halfway to Colorado and you realize you forgot to turn your thermostats back to save energy while you are gone.  Now imagine you can simply use your smart phone and turn your thermostat down while in the car going through Kansas.  Going one step further, ABF can actually set your thermostat up to adjust its temperature depending on when you arm or disarm your security system.  Most of our customers have been saving 30% on their energy bills with this technology.

Energy Management FAQs

Q - How can Home Automation save money?

A - Home Automation can significantly reduce your home's energy consumption. You can automatically program your thermostat to adjust during unoccupied times and save approximately 10% off your heating/cooling bill annually. 

Q - Can Home Automation be installed in my existing home?

A - Yes, Home Automation systems can be installed in new construction or retrofitted to existing homes. Wireless technology allows additional components to be controlled in a retrofit situation


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