Home Security Systems


Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems have been changing very rapidly in the last several years.  Security has transformed from not only a detection system but to a complete lifestyle system.  Security systems now integrate with everything in your home, creating a Smart Home Environment.  ABF is the best security company in St. Louis, installing security systems since 1978.  Our installers are so highly skilled that we are one of the only companies remaining in St. Louis to still be able to offer quality hardwired security systems.

Home Security FAQs

Q - Will my alarm system work if the power goes out?

A - Yes, all security systems have what is called a standby or backup battery. In the event of a power loss in your home or business, this battery can supply power to the system for up to 24 hours, depending on the size of the battery backup. Caveat: You must have phone service during the power outage or have ABF's SafeNet or Cellular Unit, which sends signals wirelessly to our monitoring center.

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