Home Surveillance Cameras


Home Surveillance Camera Systems

Home Surveillance Camera Systems are a great way to record what is going on around your home.  Many of our customers use their cameras for several different reasons.  First and foremost they use the cameras to protect their property and record any actions of a potential burglar.  Many of our customers use the camera systems simply to check in on the home.  Whether it be checking on the children when they get home from school or just checking in on the family pets, camera systems are a great security feature.

Camera System FAQs

Q - What is Resolution?

A - Resolution is the amount of resolvable detail in a picture, or the maximum number of pixels that can be distinguished either horizontally or vertically. The more resolution the more clarity of the image you will see.

Q - What is Infrared Lighting (IR)?

A - Infrared lighting gives you the ability to let your cameras see in the dark.  Color cameras are also sensitive to infrared light, but require an infrared filter to filter out the red light to keep the image colors looking natural.


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