Home Alarm Monitoring


Home Alarm Monitoring

Choosing the best home security system alarm monitoring company is a very important decision.  Not all monitoring centers are created equal.  There are many things to consider, ranging from location all the way to certifications.  ABF Security has its own monitoring center located in St. Louis, Missouri.  ABF has multiple people in our monitoring center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  All of our emergency response team members are ESA certified and our monitoring center has earned the highest honor from the Central Station Alarm Association, the Five Diamond Award.

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Monitoring FAQs

Q - Will my alarm system work with a voice over IP or digital phone line provider?

A - We DO NOT recommend using VoIP or digital lines to connect a home alarm system.  If a power outage were to occur, or interruption in your internet service, your home alarm system will not be able to communicate with our central station. This is just one example of why the system may not communicate with these phone lines.  We offer several other means of communication through our monitoring center to avoid these potential problems.

Q - Will my alarm system work with my DSL phone line?

A - Yes, your alarm system can send out signals through your DSL phone line, however a DSL filter is required and will need to be installed to ensure there are no interruptions on the line.

Q - What happens to my alarm system if the phone line is cut?

A - If your system is armed, the siren will sound but ABF will not receive a signal. However, ABF can install our exclusive SafeNet or cellular unit which secures the transmission of the signal.

Q - Can my system be monitored without a phone line?

A - Yes, we are able to monitor your system without a land line. Call and ask one of our sales representatives about our SafeNet radio or cellular monitoring system.


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