Set the Mood: Lighting for Better Living

Mar 1, 2024 | Lighting Control

Pop up lighting control options

While there are plenty of expensive options to help with mood stability, one of the quickest ways to alter your mood is to change your lighting. Fluorescent lights can be harsh and lead to stress and anxiousness, while warm lights can help you relax because they’re softer on the eyes. Using the appropriate lighting in your home can improve the health of you and your family members. You can even fight fatigue and burnout with the proper lighting. Our team at ABF Security provides beautifully designed, superior lighting products that help you live a life of ease and luxury. Lighting is essential to put us in the right state of mind, and we can make it possible.

It’s likely that you already own some smart home technology, like a voice assistant or an entertainment system, and these solutions can smoothly be applied to your lighting system, too. Before installing a lighting control system in your home, consider which rooms you want to equip and what interactions you’d like to use. For example, you can dim any set of lights through a touchscreen panel, turn off all your lights from your mobile device, set an automation “scene” from a keypad on the wall, or use a voice command to change the colors of the lights.

We often talk about the benefits lighting control brings to your everyday schedule, but it also enhances your home’s design. You can create ideal moods in your home for every event and time of day by touching a button. Use your system for a softly lit atmosphere for dinner and drinks, a bright environment for spring cleaning, or a colorful strobing effect for an impromptu dance party. Lighting control is helpful in many scenarios, but it’s perfect for easing the everyday hustle and bustle routine.

Luxury living room with bright lights on

Good Morning

The jolting sound of an alarm clock is enough to get out on the wrong side of the bed. Instead, think about how peaceful it would be if your motorized shades silently opened at a programmed time and color-tuned lights came slowly alive in blue-white to stir you awake. Blue light stimulates our minds more than warm light. When exposed to blue light, our bodies respond with energy and attentiveness, making it ideal for mornings.

Leaving for the Day

By the time everyone is dressed and ready for the day, you’re rushing out the door. With lighting control, you won’t waste a second turning off the lights individually. Your lights can be controlled via voice commands, a programmed time setting, or a simple tap, allowing you to switch off the lights on your way out the door. Not only does this save you time, but it saves energy and money, too.

During the Day

While break-ins are more common during the day with the whole family away at work or school, you can utilize your lighting as a security tool. Schedule your system to switch lights on and off in main areas or side rooms to give outsiders the impression that someone is moving around the house. This fluctuation will discourage potential burglars from targeting your home, keeping your belongings safe even when you’re away.

Outdoor lighting of home at sunset

Relax & Unwind

After a long day, you’ll want to return home to an inviting house full of light. By scheduling your landscape lights to switch on automatically at sundown, you’ll never return to a dark home. As you walk through the door, you can use voice commands to switch on the lights in whatever rooms you want. The blue colors that woke you up are now a soft golden hue in the dining room, setting a relaxing atmosphere for dinner and a glass of wine.

Get the Party Started

Transform your home into the ultimate party scene with colored lights, or fill your home with your favorite teams’ colors as they go head-to-head. During the holiday season, you can even program your outdoor lights to be festive. The possibilities are endless for filling your home with fun with a lighting control system.

Midnight Snack

When you’re ready for bed, you can switch off all your home’s lights from the sheets using voice commands. Likewise, if you need to tend to a child or grab a snack, you can use the app to turn on hallway lights at a low brightness. With a lighting control system, you’ll always be able to adjust your settings to create the perfect home for you.

Lighting control systems combine functionality, safety, and elegance into one appealing package for any homeowner! Whether renovating your current home or planning your new build, we recommend incorporating lighting control into your design. Are you ready to integrate a lighting system control into your lifestyle? Contact us at ABF Security today and see your home in a new light!