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Oct 31, 2023 | Medical Alerts, Independent Living

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Years ago, the safest place for your elderly parents was a retirement home with 24/7 monitoring. While this was safe for them, it likely wasn’t comfortable or convenient for your parents or you. Being away from the comforts of your own home can often lead to negative side effects. However, thanks to rapid technological advancements, there are now multiple ways smart devices can grant senior or disabled homeowners more independence, comfort, and convenience. Smart homes can be equipped with easy-to-use devices, empowering users to rely less on caregivers. At ABF Security, we partner with to offer devices perfect for users of all ages and abilities. Here are several ways smart homes are aiding disabled and elderly users.

Stay in Touch

As our family members age, we often worry about their well-being, especially when they’re home alone. When a retirement home is not an option, a quick remedy is moving them into your home. However, moving them isn’t always feasible due to space or time, and they often don’t want to part with their independence. has the solution: Wellcam. At any point during the day, you can use the Wellcam camera and two-way audio speakers to check in with your parents, or vice versa. Routine check-ins will give you peace of mind that they are well and will give them the security of knowing someone is watching out for them.

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Medicine Tracking

One of the biggest concerns that comes with aging parents is tracking medication, as it is a major task and can take trial and error to perfect. Forgetfulness caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia can cause them to neglect their regimen, either taking too little or too much. Sensors can be placed around the medicine cabinet to track and learn the activities of your parents, finding anomalies that may signify a problem. The Wellness solution can even track their medication boxes, helping you stay updated with their schedule. If they skip or forget the routine, you can log in to the app and remind them via Wellcam.

Activity Alerts

Ensuring your parents are safe inside their home is necessary, but keeping bad guys out is also essential. Depending on health and awareness, they might be unable to defend themselves during a break-in. 24-hour monitoring by will immediately alert emergency responders if there is an intrusion, fire, or medical emergency. Security and Wellness can also notify you of any unusual activity your parents might be involved in. These alerts are helpful if your loved one is beginning to wander the property or leave the house at odd hours. Wireless bed sensors can increase night-time safety, but they’re also a way to track the daily activities of your parents. Are they getting out of bed and moving around? Checking the app for activity alerts is the easiest way to stay up to date with their habits.

User Friendly

Smartphones and tablets aren’t always user-friendly and often leave the elderly feeling discouraged, which is not ideal in an emergency. If an incident occurs while their Wellcam is within reach, the call-out button will connect them directly to you without dialing. In addition, the wellness solution can be paired with a Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendant for easy access. The PERS is extremely helpful if they are far from the Wellcam or have gone outside.

Not only is Wellness easy for your parents to use, but it’s also super simple for you! The Wellcam can connect directly to your app as an extension of your home security system. Checking on your family has never been easier! The Wellcam will show as one of your home devices, and you can quickly check in or stick around for more conversation.

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When to Invest

Aging parents may be a major concern for you, but you might not know when to invest in a wellness solution. Aside from health complications that require extra care, if you are beginning to worry about your parent’s well-being on a daily basis, you should invest immediately. While we strive to keep your loved ones safe, we also want to give you constant peace of mind as their caregiver.

Smart home solutions promise to deliver convenience as the primary benefit for disabled or elderly users, and they are necessary in helping them live comfortable lives. These devices have changed the lives of users who are otherwise dependent on caregivers. As companies create smart devices designed for disabled users, more people are empowered to live dignified, self-sufficient lifestyles. At ABF Security, we partner with to provide smart devices that give your parents accessible leisure and control. Contact our team of experts today!